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Weaning… How? When? What?

How do I know when to start Weaning? Most babies should start taking a mixed diet by about 6 months cos they need more iron. Relatively later after 26 weeks may make babies less receptive to new tastes, flavours and textures.¬†Any earlier than 17 weeks, baby’s digestive system is not mature yet. You might wanna consider introducing first foods when your LO: 1. does not seem satisfied after his usual milk feeds and you have tried feeding more often OR reduced milk intake (dislikes milk) 2. can sit up 3. lost his “tongue-thrust” reflex (does not automatically pushes things out … Continue reading Weaning… How? When? What?

How much should baby be eating?

Sorry,¬†Daddy and Mommy overfed you. From 1 month onwards, you were displaying all the classic signs of reflux (heartburn)… the arching back, vomiting, painful screams, unsettled naps… You can’t seem to sleep more than 20 mins during the day, taking 5-10 mins catnaps and then crying. It doesn’t help we are next to the darned expressway where vehicles zooms past every milli-second. Some mommies knows instinctively how much to feed their babies. Unfortunately, I’m not one of them. So, if you are like me, doing a mix of breastmilk and formula bottle feeding, here is a simple guide to help … Continue reading How much should baby be eating?